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Hot4Slots is a blog that writes about casino free spins and the best online casino bonuses. We are passionated here about casinos and we help you find the right casino for you so you don’t have to spend hours of searching for a good casino with great casino bonuses and free spins no deposit bonuses.

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Bonus rounds and free spins no deposit?

Free rounds are very important for you as a gambler and especially the free spins no deposit bonuses as they can give you a taste of a online free spins no depositcasino before you make your deposit. But the free spins no deposit isn’t only good for giving a taste of a casino but it gives you a chance to win a lot money. Most of the time you win your extra money by getting free spins on the slot games while playing and if you are lucky you can get huge load of rounds that spins the slot game with the maximum bet for free!

Bonus rounds

The free spins is made for the casino slot machines and means that a player get free rounds to spend on a specific- or any slot game available.

Free spins without deposit requirements

There is a huge difference between the spins you can get without depositing and the spins you get after deposits. The free spins you get by not depositing is usually a lot less than the ones you get without depositing. If you get free rounds after registering on a gambling site you will 99% of the time have to win a certain amount back to withdraw the won money. If you get some no deposit spins while playing a game there isn’t the same wagering limit but then you can be restricted to play on a specific slot game. Once getting free spins after a deposit you have to earn some money also to withdraw but much less than the free spins no deposit. The spins you will probably win most money from is the ones you get from playing a slot game.

If you have played on online casinos before you should be familiar with the phrase free spins. If not, that’s okay, we will explain what free spins is and what it free spins no deposit required is specifically. A free spin is for slot games and instead of betting anything on the game, you can spin it for free. Every gambling site has some kind of bonuses and most of them consists of free rounds. You can get free spin bonuses on multiple ways such as just registering, playing a game, depositing or get it randomly. The most promoted way of getting free rounds is without the need of deposit any money.

We here at hot4slots also finds it very attractive. We offer multiple casino sites that offers a bonus of free spins without any need of depositing money. These free spins should be used carefully as they give a great opportunity for you to test the casino. Some casinos offers more free spins after registration than others such as Casumo Casino and LeoVegas Casino.

How much are free spins no deposit worth?

It is quite hard to actually put a number on how much free spins are worth. There are people that won millions and millions of pounds on free rounds and some of course only end up having a good time. If you search the net you will find many stories of people getting lucky on free spins and it is quite obvious what they are so popular and sought after.

Bonus rounds No Wagering

Almost every casino offers them but most require you to earn a certain amount back for you to be able to withdraw your earnings. There are a few websites that actually offers you to withdraw without wagering. It is very exciting to get free rounds and also know that you can withdraw all earnings directly! To get these free rounds you only need to register on a casino that doesn’t require you to earn anything back and that’s all! There are many bonuses with free spins in the UK area but also for other places. No matter where you are you can get free spins without deposit required.

We offer the best online casino bonuses

We always offer the best no deposit casino bonuses and the best deposit bonuses we can possibly get from the gambling sites that we personally negotiate with. To save you the trouble of contacting all the casinos we do it for you so why not enjoy the help and grab your casino bonus today here at!

UK Casinos with great bonuses

We highly recommend you to try the sites below. They have great bonuses with free spins no deposit for the UK area.

Bonus spins no deposit for UK players

Free spins is an expression somewhat similar to free rounds. You know that thing that you really want every night in your local UK pub but almost never happens…
In many casinos however this actually exists! Hot4Slots help you to find the best offers on free spins out there and if you win, the money is yours!

Proper free spins

There are quite a few different bonuses at online casinos but free spins is for sure the most popular one. It is quite easy to understand why. The free spins give the gambler a chance to try out new slot machines. Without risking his or her own money.

Most casinos will give you free rounds. If you sign up with them by going to the casinos listed here at Hot4Slots you will be able to get thousands of free spins just by signing up.

As an example if you choose to sign up with Slots Magic alone you will get 570 free rounds.
10 Free rounds every week, that is 52×10= 520 plus an extra 50 free spins, just by signing up!

slots magic casino

Free spins inside games

One thing to remember is that there are many slots that give you free spins right inside the actual games while playing. So if you play a slot machine and win a free spin bonus you get to continue spinning, without adding or using your own hard earned cash. It works like the normal free spins you can get by signing up but the difference is that you actually win a free spin within the game instead of getting them assigned to you. Many slots actually have them as the bonus round while some slots have bonus rounds plus the possibility to end up in a free spin mode inside the game.

To mention one example would be the super popular Mega Fortune slot. In Mega Fortune the bonus round is a spin on the mega wheel where you have the chance to win the internet largest jackpot but you also have the opportunity to win free rounds. Remember that you can end up in bonus rounds through free spins and with that end up in a combination of bonus rounds.

Free rounds for specific games

Often free spins are assigned to a specific game. Sometimes however you are able to choose from a couple of slots and very rarely you get to freely pick the games. This limits the use of the bonus but in general people do not complain since online casinos most of the time really know what their players want and what games are the most popular ones at the time. Leo Vegas for instance is one example of online casinos that offer multiple games (Gonzo’s Quest, Mega Fortune Dreams, Jack and the Beanstalk, Starburst and Dazzle Me) for their 250 free spins offers. The spins that is won from games can also be seen as free spins no deposit as they don’t necessarily require you to deposit.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for free spins vary but in general they are quite the same. At first the site will set how many free spins you get and on what slots you can use them. Often there is a wagering demand on the spins. Lets say you win 1000 pounds. Then you might have to use that 1000 to play in the casino before you can actually withdraw the money from the casino. Then of course there are other casinos that do not have any wagering demands from free spins. One good example of that is Play OJO Casino.

Even though a casino does not have a wagering demand it is important to read and understand the rules. The wagering demands are there to make sure people do not take advantage of the website by for example open up multiple accounts to get more free spins. Without wagering it would have been difficult to give genuine players who enjoy a good casino game to opportunity to play new games for free. If you are looking for current free spins and bonuses we recommend you take a look at our Casino News section.

No Deposit Bonus

If you feel you do not like the current games the casinos offer free spins on then you should head to a no deposit casino. When an online casino offer a no deposit bonus it really means that you get some money for free to use at the website. Too good to be true? Check it out…

There are different variates on what a No Deposit Bonus can look like. Make sure to read the casinos terms.

Just like Free Spins there are different terms on different casinos regarding No Deposit Bonus. If you read up on the rules you are less likely to misunderstand.

We at think free spins are the coolest and we always write about new offers so remember to bookmark our page and visit frequently to make sure you never miss another free spin deal.

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Hot4Slots love No Deposit and Free Spins for UK players! Preferably without wagering…

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