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Hot Slots, Slot Machine what is it?

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Slot machine background

From its Wild West roots in San Francisco, the slot machine has evolved into one of the most diverse and high-tech games in the casino. In fact, slots are now the most popular feature in a casino, enticing players with an endless variety of colors, shapes, types, and styles. Yet, for all their gadgets and gizmos, slot machines are blessedly easy to play. You merely yank the lever or (more often than not) press the button. That’s it — and that just may be the reason behind their popularity.
Even though slot machines are cash cows for casinos (generating nearly two thirds of the revenue in most casinos), they’re far and away the most popular game for gamblers. And, although there are several reasons for this appeal, the main one is spelled J-A-C-K-P-O-T! The chance to win life-changing money is the rainbow that draws many eternal optimists back to these machines, trip after trip, push after push (or yank after yank), ever searching for their own pot of gold.

First Slot The Liberty Bell slot machine

The birth of the slot machine German immigrant Charles Fey developed and created the first slot machine in San Francisco in
the late 1800s. The metal box, which he named The Liberty Bell, displayed three metal reels and stood on cast-iron feet and was viewed through a window.

The first machines took a nickel to play and displayed ten different symbols, creating 1,000 possible combinations. You won a whopping jackpot of ten nickels if you lined up three Liberty Bells (compelling some happy winners to sing America, the Beautiful).Back when Bugsy Siegel laid the foundation for Las Vegas gambling in the 1940s, slot machines were an afterthought, a distraction to keep the wives happy while their husbands played craps or blackjack. Slots were considered one-armed bandits because of their poor odds. Now, a generation later, slots have turned the tables on the more popular games, and the widespread appeal of slots drives today’s casinos.

Understanding How to Play the Slots

The design of slot machines remained the same in the early years, except for one detail: The reels expanded to 20 symbols, increasing the possible combinations from 1,000 to 8,000. By creating so many more ways to win, this new version stirred up greater excitement and promised a much bigger jackpot.
Although modern machines present several new twists and updates to the original game, the goal for gamblers remains the same: to line up identical symbols in a row. Machines vary: They may have five reels instead of three. They may have multiple paylines. They may have more options than onecoin-a-pop. They may have buttons to push rather than a handle to pull. But the concept hasn’t changed — line up a row of identical symbols, up–down, left–right, or diagonal, and call yourself a winner.

Hitting the Jackpot

Although hitting a jackpot is the biggest attraction for slot fans, the machines are popular for other reasons. One of the biggest pluses is their simplicity. With most machines, you don’t have to master a complicated strategy or decipher some finicky rules. You simply put in your money and watch the reels spin.
You could even play blind-folded because the machine automatically pays you on every winner — whether you realize it or not.

Several buttons on the machine allow you to streamline your playing (translation: drain your wallet faster).

Get rich winning the jackpot.

Look for the following:

  • Money slot: Most machines accept coins or bills. There is usually a slot
    for the coins and a bill receptor for your paper currency. When you use
    bills, the machine shows a credit for the amount of cash you inserted.
  • Bet One: Press this button when you want to wager just one of your
  •  Bet Max: This button permits you to play the maximum number of credits
    that the machine allows per spin (each machine has an established
    max) and saves you the trouble of hitting the Bet One button several
  •  Change: Push this button when you want to summon a slot attendant.
  •  Cash/Credit: Ready to cash out and move on? Just press here to receive
    any unused credit.

How slot machines work:

Novice slots players may wonder if there is any strategy to pressing the button or pulling the lever that increases the likelihood of a win. Unfortunately
no strategy exists. You can press lightly or forcefully. You can blink three times, click your heels together, or say a little prayer. It makes no difference.
After you make your move, the outcome is preordained.

The computerized Random Number Generator (RNG) chip determines the outcome
of each spin. The RNG is always at work, cycling through millions of
random numbers, even when the machine isn’t being played. The moment
you press the spin button, the generator freezes the current numbers and
their corresponding stops on the reels.
Because of RNG technology, nothing can be done to predict or change the
outcome. Even if you play on an interactive machine that allows you to make
some decisions, slot machines are cold creatures that can’t be influenced by
anything you do.

On newer machines, your eyes just see a representation of the old-fashioned
spinning reels. The RNG chip has predetermined the outcome — the images
flashing before you on the machine are just for show.
Each spin is completely independent of any previous results. As its name suggests,
the RNG is random. There is no pattern or cycle that repeats after it
has run its course.

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